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Particle Size - Instrumentation

Primera utilizes a variety of instruments to determine particle size to ensure the quality and performance of a diverse range of raw materials, intermediates and final products. The following are representative of some of the instruments we utilize:

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Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer can consistently deliver the accurate, robust and reliable data that assists critical decision-making throughout R&D and manufacturing processes. Such knowledge-driven decisions are fundamental.
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The market-leading Zetasizer Nano offers particle size and  particle charge measurements.

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HIAC 9703+ liquid sampler and PharmSpec Software for Parenteral Drug Final Product Testing to USP<787>, <788> & EP2.9.19

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Micro-Flow Imaging (MFI™) gives you more insight into the world of sub-visible particles, going beyond just particle size and count.

With this image-based technology, you can add quantifiable morphological parameters to your analysis, so you can differentiate particle populations from each other and classify them. MFI easily detects translucent protein aggregates that other technologies can miss.

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