Residue Analysis Services (RAS)

We are experts in developing and validating residue analytical methods in complex matrices and performing routine sample analysis with high quality and fast turnaround.

Our scientists have extensive experience in sample extraction and cleanups in soil, plant material, and animal tissues. Primera uses internally developed or Sponsor-provided protocols to conduct Independent Laboratory Validations (ILVs) in accordance with the EPA/FDA Guidelines. Our scientists possess in-depth knowledge, extensive experience, and expertise in conducting and troubleshooting ILVs.

Should the method provided require optimization, Primera will prescribe remedial changes to the method for a subsequent successful ILV[May want to reword without using the word fail]. Primera Analytical has refrigerators (4°C) and freezers for a temperature range of -20 °C and/or to -80°C. We also have stability chambers that control temperature and moisture. All storage units are equipped with 24/7 alarm systems and have an independent backup generator.


  • Method Development
  • Independent Laboratory Validations (ILVs)
  • Storage Stability
  • Sample Analysis
    • Residue studies
    • Soil dissipation studies
    • Ground and surface water studies
    • Spray drift sample analysis after field application of pestcides


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